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11 December 2019 / 15:00 - 17:00
EPIC Meeting on Photonics for Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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The EPIC Meeting on Photonics for Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment at NKI was focused on making another step towards closure of the existing gap between unmet medical needs and innovative industrial solutions.

It is clear that there is a need for the paradigm shift from treatment towards preserving healthy state as well as avoiding overtreatment as much as undertreatment. Many medical fields could benefit from novel technologies, including pathology, radiology, dermatology, etc. Photonics has one of the best potentials to make a real change and during this meeting it was discussed how it can be achieved.

State-of-the-art technological advantages focusing on the minimal invasive diagnostic tools as well and interoperative tumor margin assessment such as Hyperspectral and Diffuse reflectance imaging, Raman spectroscopy, OCT, fluorescence imaging, etc. were discussed alongside with novel developments of various optical components and systems enabling the use of this technics on the real clinical setting.

Opening & Welcome address

Jose Pozo, CTO, EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium – PDFvideo

Future of healthcare  – Theo Ruers, Oncological Surgeon, NKI (THE NETHERLANDS) – PDF

Session 1: Clinical needs and new technologies for prostate cancer

Clinical demands for intra-operative imaging in prostate cancer
Henk van der Poel, Urologist, NKI (THE NETHERLANDS) – video

Optical diagnostics of l urinary tract cancer: towards real time finding and grading
Daniel Martijn de Bruin, Group leader urological research, AMC (THE NETHERLANDS) – PDFvideo

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging for Clinical Applications: Application to Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery
Julien Bec, Engineering and Operations Director, University of California (USA) – PDF

KEYNOTE: Imaging biopsies intact in 3D
Pieter van der Zaag, Principal Scientist, Phillips (THE NETHERLANDS)

Clinical Raman Spectroscopy – beyond diagnosis
Nicholas Stone, Professor of Biomedical Imaging and Biosensing, University of EXETER (UNITED KINGDOM) – PDFvideo

Focal Laser Ablation of Localized Low and Intermediate Prostate Cancer: Early functional and oncological results
Stefano Regusci, MD Urologist, Urorad, SIPC (SWITZERLAND) – PDFvideo

Session 2: Pre- and intraoperative imaging of breast cancer

Clinical demands for intra-operative imaging in breast cancer
Susan Brouwer de Koning, Technical Physician, NKI (THE NETHERLANDS) – PDF – video

Fiber optics in breast cancer 
Dick Sterenborg, Physicist, AUMC, NKI (THE NETHERLANDS) – PDFvideo

Third Harmonic Generation Microscopy for Instant Pathology
Marloes Groot, Professor, Vrije Universiteit (THE NETHERLANDS) – video

Ultra-sensitive Raman microscopy and endoscopy tools for pre- and intraoperative imaging
Bodo Richter, CEO, APE (GERMANY) – PDF – video

Emerging diagnostic imaging modalities in breast cancer
Jacques Cochard, Business Development, Tematys (FRANCE) – PDFvideo

Session 3: Industry pitch presentations

Antje Haap-Hoff, Head of Clinical Applications, KARL STORZ (GERMANY) – PDF – video

Galit Ankri Eliahoo, Project Manager, OAL Innovations (ISRAEL) – PDFvideo

Frank van Mourik, CTO, Femto diagnostics (THE NETHERLANDS) – PDF video

Zoe Ylöniemi, Technical Sales Engineer, Modulight (FINLAND) – PDFvideo

Jonathan Klee, Sales Manager, Ushio (THE NETHERLANDS) – PDF – video

Gerwin Puppels, Managing Director, RiverD (THE NETHERLANDS) – PDFvideo

Viacheslav Artyushenko, President, art photonics (GERMANY) – PDFvideo

Nicolas LIO SOON SHUN, Business Development, CEA – Leti (FRANCE) – PDFvideo

Christopher Phillips, Senior Research Scientist, ETH Zurich (SWITSERLAND) – PDFvideo

David Heard, VP Sales, Santec (UNITED KINGDOM) – PDFvideo

Session 4: Multimodality optical imaging

Non-contact imaging for monitoring vital functions and diagnostics using ‘smart’ technologies
Ruud Verdaasdonk, Professor, University of Twente (THE NETHERLANDS) – PDFvideo

Presentation by Tyndall National Institute
Stefan Andersson-Engels, Head of Biophotonics, Tyndall National Institute (IRELAND) – PDFvideo

Development of Ultra-Fine Needle Endoscope for Deep Interstitial Examination of Brest and preliminary results of Breast Cancer Diagnostics by Endoscopy Autofluorescence Imaging and Raman Spectroscopy
Alexandre Douplik, Professor, Ryerson University (CANADA) and Alexandra Easson, Professor, University of Toronto (CANADA) – PDFvideo

Multifunctional an targeted fluorescence OCT for tumor detection
Johannes de Boer, Professor, Vrije Universiteit (THE NETHERLANDS) – PDFvideo

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It was my first meeting with EPIC and I now understand the value for my and other organizations in being an EPIC member. I was very pleased with the accommodation, attendees, talks, and discussions and found it very informative and fruitful and I will definitely further exchange with some companies on this topic. I am looking forward to upcoming events in the future.

Andreas Zuck
Market Development Manager at Coherent

“It’s great to see how innovative and effective EPIC has been in rising to the challenge of COVID-19. I’m proud to be a member of EPIC!”

Roy McBride
Managing Director at Power Photonic
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