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17 October 2022 / 15:00 - 17:00
EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Photonics for Mobility of the Future
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Photonics will be key to increasing the safety and efficiency of future mobility, as well as supporting the driver in making decisions about the different events that may be encountered. On one hand, vehicles increasingly incorporate infrared technologies, LIDAR, displays and other types of sensors related to autonomous driving and driver support. On the other hand, the advent of electric mobility is a strong driver for laser welding and assembly. In this meeting, we will discuss with the full supply chain of laser technology for automotive and a few end-users, how it is possible to further improve the state of the art of the technology also with the help of AI for process monitoring and automation.



Winfried Reeb studied precision engineering and optoelectronics at the University of Applied Sciences in Aalen, Germany. Since 1993 he is a business partner for photonics companies all around the world. He joined LASER COMPONENTS as a product engineer and is in charge of the company’s active components business unit which includes the fast-growing LiDAR business.

Head of Business Unit Active Components at LASER COMPONENTS

Raul Bravo is the creator and President of Outsight, the company that built the first LiDAR Software Processor. He holds a MBA degree from the College des Ingénieurs (Paris, France) in addition to being a UPC Telecom Engineer from Barcelona, Spain.
He has built multiple start-ups from the ground up over the course of his 20-year career as an entrepreneur, including one that he took all the way to an IPO.
In the course of his careers as an engineer and an entrepreneur, he has submitted 57 patent applications and garnered 39 awards, including being named one of the Top 10 Innovators Under the Age of 35 by the MIT Technology Review.
As a speaker, he has delivered keynote presentations at over 40 of the most important LiDAR, autonomous driving, and robotics conferences held all over the world, including AutoSens, the Image Sensors conference, Automotive LiDAR, the Autonomous Car Software Symposium, Cognitive Vehicles, Off-Road Autonomous Vehicles, and many others.

President & Co-Founder at Outsight

In March 2003, after earning a doctoral degree in electrical engineering from Hosei University Graduate School of Engineering, he engaged in device development using silicon carbide semiconductors, research of field emission X-ray generators using carbon nanomaterials, and development of advanced package processes such as TSV stacks used in 3D packaging. Through the carrier, he received as a visiting professor from Shizuoka University. Now, He is focusing research and development of various lenses for 3D sensors and related system studies at SCIVAX Co., Ltd.

Senior Chief Engineer at SCIVAX Corporation

Christian Dini, 58 years old with an Eng. Degree Dipl. Ing. (FH) of the Fachhochschule Munich and 30+ years in the Photonics Industry. He currently holds the position as founding General Manager for Civan Lasers Europe. Prior to that, he held positions as Director Global Business Development at MKS Ophir and founding General Manager of Ophir Spiricon Europe GmbH as well as Director Business Development for Laser brands like Synrad and JK Laser.

General Manager at Civan Lasers

Paola has over eight years of specific experience in laser processing for micro-scale applications, including the welding of highly reflective metals and applications using dissimilar materials.
Having gained her master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Palermo in Italy, Paola continued her studies with the Italian Engineering Association, becoming a Chartered Engineer.
Moving to the UK, Paola studied for an engineering doctorate with Birmingham University, where her investigation focused on the topic of ‘Laser Welding of Copper and Aluminium Alloys for electrical Interconnects’.
Originally joining TWI as a Project Leader in 2007, Paola went on to become a Senior Project Leader and then the Team Manager for the Lasers and Sheet Processes group, before becoming the section manager.

Section Manager at TWI
Director at Carrs Welding
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