7 March 2022 / 15:00 - 17:00
EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Additive Manufacturing of Metal and its Applications
Online Event

It was long ago that additive manufacturing (AM) was having chances to be used in industry only as a rapid-prototyping tool. This meeting will be the occasion to bring together the full supply chain of metal AM, including 3D-printer manufacturers and their suppliers, to understand if challenges, such as the need of post-processing, are finding new solutions or if mixed-metal AM is opening new frontiers of application. End-users from different fields are very welcome to join us, as well and present their needs to the technology providers, to have soon metal AM as a cost-effective and efficient tool in automotive, aeronautics, energy sector, medical applications.

Spirit of the meetings

During these online technology meetings, we are looking for the challenges the industry is facing and bringing together the entire supply chain to address these challenges. Bringing together end-users with component suppliers and system integrators that will answer the EPIC question “What can you do for them and what can they do for you” creates the perfect foundation to establish new business relationships and find ways for new collaborations and partnerships.


Christian Schröter with his background in electronics, industrial engineering & industrial laser applications is Director of Sales at Optoprim Germany GmbH. He is managing the industrial business and is responsible for the local branch in Munich within the Optoprim Group

Sales Director at Optoprim

Mandaná Moshiri is Sr Technology Manager at The LEGO Group, responsible for the research and development of metal additive manufacturing technologies.
She is a Materials Engineer and has a PhD in Additive Manufacturing. Since 2015 she has been studying, researching and working on AM, in particular for metals.
In the past, she collaborated with machine manufacturers, aviation before landing in the tooling industry.
She enthusiastically promotes the development of Additive Manufacturing technologies by actively participating in research projects, inside and outside the company, with universities and research centres, seeking new innovation opportunities and publishing scientific papers.

Senior Technology Manager MF Mould Factory Technology at The LEGO Group

Rainer Beccard has held various senior management positions in a semiconductor company. Since 2014 he is Managing Director at LUNOVU, a manufacturer of LMD machines. He is responsible for sales and marketing as well as for application development

Managing Director at LUNOVU

Brian Matthews holds a postgraduate degree in nuclear physics with over 23 years of experience in advanced nuclear energy systems design and analysis as well as advanced manufacturing for a wide range of industries and applications. A proven successful startup entrepreneur, Brian founded a nuclear consulting company in 2012, founded a vertically integrated metal additive manufacturing company in 2015, and co-founded a global additive manufacturing company (MELTIO) in 2019. Brian serves as the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer for MELTIO and oversees the R&D, special projects, and technology incubation activities of the company. Brian developed several MELTIO patents related to multi-laser AM and has served as the PI on several first-of-a-kind projects related to AM in aerospace and microgravity applications. Brian is an advocate for tightly integrated ground-up technologies and promotes these principles within the MELTIO organization as it rapidly commercializes its novel technology to create a genuinely disruptive AM solution in the market.

Chief Technology Officer at Meltio
Dr. Francesca Moglia
Dr. Francesca Moglia
Photonics Technologies Program Manager
Antonio Raspa
Antonio Raspa
Senior Photonics Program Manager
Event Manager
Logistics, venue, accommodation, and transportation
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Neringa Noreikiene
Events Manager
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