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12 September 2022 / 15:00 - 17:00
EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Emerging Trends in Laser Micromachining
Online Event

Laser-micromachining end-users have always more demanding requirements in terms of throughput and precision that affect all the components of the workstation: ultra-short-pulsed lasers, scanners, robots and movement stages, software and integration. The applications are in all possible materials: metals, semiconductors, glass, polymers… The full supply chain is invited to join us and a few system integrators and end-users of the technology will tell us about which limits photonics has to help to overcome.


Andreas studied material sciences/mineralogy at the University of Potsdam and finalized his PhD at the Max-Plank-Institute for Chemistry, Mainz on isotope geochronological analyses. From 2008, he focused on applications of lasers for material processing at the SCANLAB AG. And since 2017, he continues to bring CLT’s specialized lasers processes into industry for specific glass applications at his current role at Corning.

Laser Processing Program Manager at Corning

Tim holds a master’s degree in computational science and a PhD in natural science. During his PhD study, he focused on the computational modelling of tribological processes of diamond-like carbon coatings using Molecular Dynamics simulations. He switched in 2014 from the academic field more towards applied research at Fraunhofer-Institute of Material and Beam Technologies (Fraunhofer IWS Dresden, Germany). As part of this paradigm shift, he directed his full focus to the topic of laser-based micromachining with the goal of advanced surface functionalization. From 2017-2021, he led the group surface functionalization at Fraunhofer IWS where he and his team developed unique surface structuring solutions for industry and academia using mainly (but not solely) interference-based laser surface texturing approaches. Since 2021, he is the CEO from Fusion Bionic, a spin-off from Fraunhofer IWS which focuses on the commercialization of laser texturing solutions using Direct Laser Interference Patterning for large-area and high-speed laser surface functionalization.

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder at Fusion Bionic
Business Unit Manager Laser Processes at ALPhANOV
Sales and Marketing Director at

Francisco holds a BSc in Physics and PhD in Applied Physics. He has developed most of his work in the academic field, mainly within the universities of Vigo (Spain) and Salento (Italy). His area of expertise involved Excimer Laser Annealing of group IV semiconductors for microelectronic, photonic, and photovoltaic applications, as well as the use of pulsed solid-state lasers for the fabrication of micro/nanostructured metallic surfaces. Since 2018, he is a senior researcher at the Laser Applications Centre of AIMEN, working in laser assisted microprocessing of metals and polymers. As part of his work at AIMEN, he has been strongly involved in the development of optical parallelization strategies for the optimization of different laser processes such as Micromachining or Photopolymerization.

Senior Researcher at AIMEN

More attendees will be announced soon.

Antonio Castelo, PhD
Antonio Castelo, PhD
Technology Expert for Bio-Medical and Lasers
Antonio Raspa
Antonio Raspa
Senior Photonics Program Manager
Event Manager
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Helena Jelinkova
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