Instruments based on advanced photonics technology and devices are used in a wide area of applications.

Main segments are:

  • Fluorescence and other microscopes, lasers scalpels, optical tweezers, fibre optic endoscopes for medical and biotech applications.
  • Super-resolution cameras, microscopes, and spectrometers for manufacturing, astronomy, physical and life sciences.
  • Femtosecond and tuneable lasers for laser surgery and time and frequency measurements for industry.
  • Laser-based instruments for measuring time-of-flight of light pulses, angles surface topographies, and defects in fiber-optic links and connectors for industrial and research applications.
  • Optical clocks to measure time via optical frequencies.
  • UV and Fibre optical sensors for measuring gas emissions, temperature, strain, and vibrations for structural monitoring and industrial applications.
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