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30 October 2019 / 15:00 - 17:00
TEST EPIC Meeting on LIDAR Technologies for Automotive
Anteryon - Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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The LiDAR demands in terms of size, price and reliability by the automotive industry, require new developments in photonics. The vision of the automotive industry is to place LIDARs in headlights and taillights, bumpers, roof, and other places in the car, at low cost, high durability, low maintenance, high stability, each of these locations with different required specifications.

The EPIC Meeting on LiDAR for Automotive brought together the full supply chain to discuss the unmet needs from TIER1 suppliers and OEMs, and the needs for new photonics developments, such as wafer-level and freeform optics, high power laser diodes, integrated photonics, assembly processes.

Opening & Welcome address

Jose Pozo, CTO, EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium –PDFvideo

Marno Panis, Development Lead, Anteryon – PDFvideo

KEYNOTE: New features for laser based modules using hybrid optics
Edwin Wolterink, CTO, Anteryon (THE NETHERLANDS) – PDFvideo

BONUS: Remote heartbeat sensing
Jorma Palmén, CTO, Ladimo (FINLAND) – video

Session 1: Setting up the scene

KEYNOTE: Introduction to the market and technology of the LiDAR industry
Alexis Debray, MEMS & Sensors Market and Technology Analyst, Yole Développement (FRANCE) – PDFvideo

Challenges in development, assembly and testing of Lidar Sensors
Roland Goschke, Head of Sales, DIOPTIC (GERMANY) – PDFvideo

Significance of early ASIC design and its advantages for the LiDAR product development
Farzad Parsaie, CEO, SAND MicroSystems  (SWITZERLAND) – video

Session 2: LiDAR challenges and solutions

KEYNOTE: LiDAR | Evolution in Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems – The Autonomous Shuttle Opportunity
Heinz Oyrer, Director, Strategic Partnerships, LeddarTech (CANADA) –PDF

LiDAR – sensing your vision
Boris Eichhorn, Senior Project Manager New Venture, Schott (GERMANY) – PDFvideo

Flash LiDAR system on chip using single photon detector
Claude Florin, CEO, Fastree3D (SWITZERLAND) – PDFvideo

LiDAR for ADAS: bridging the gap to autonomy
Mirvais Yousefi, CEO, LuxC (DENMARK) – PDFvideo

High resolution solid-state LiDAR with real-time image fusion for autonomous vehicles
Jordi Riu Gras, CEO, Beamagine (SPAIN) – PDFvideo

Advanced laser sources and detectors for SWIR LIDAR systems
Frédéric van Dijk, Optonics Sources Team Leader, III-V Lab (FRANCE) – PDFvideo

Current CMOS SPAD based developments dedicated for automotive LiDAR
Thomas Rotter, Technology Scout, Elmos Semiconductor (GERMANY) – PDF

Session 3: The Manufacturer, TIER-1, and OEM perspective
KEYNOTE: 4D Solid-state LiDAR utilizing VCSEL and SPAD arrays
Hanno Holzhuter, Project Manager, Ibeo (GERMANY) – PDFvideo

KEYNOTE: Automotive LiDAR at Veoneer – Optical design paths
Olov von Hofsten, Optics designer, Veoneer / Eclipse Optics (SWEDEN) – PDFvideo

Optics manufacturing and automated precision assembly for LiDAR systems for prototyping and massproduction
Tobias Müller, Head of Business Unit Optics at Fraunhofer IPT and CTO of Aixemtec (GERMANY) – PDFvideo

Challenges and opportunities with 2PP for photonics integrated circuits  
Jörg Smolenski, Business Development Manager, Nanoscribe (GERMANY) – video

Session 4: LIDAR components: Laser, detectors and mirrors

Low Loss Silicon Nitride –  an integrated photonics platform for solid state LiDAR
Thomas Hessler, Director, LIGENTEC (SWITZERLAND) – PDFvideo

Boosting LiDAR performance through better stray light control using Vantablack coatings
Michael Stellmacher, Market Development Director Automotive, Surrey NanoSystems (UNITED KINGDOM) –PDF

LiDAR components: ns-laser diodes, micromirrors and detector arrays
Christoph Galle, Program Manager, Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (GERMANY) – PDFvideo

Discrete-Mode Laser Diodes for LIDAR Applications
Kevin Carney, Sales Manager, Eblana Photonics (GERMANY) – PDFvideo

VCSEL based solid state LiDAR
Jeroen Duis, Chief Commercial Officer, PHIX (THE NETHERLANDS) – PDFvideo

Optical phased arrays for automotive solid-state LiDAR systems
Marcus Dahlem, Principal Member of Technical Staff, IMEC (BELGIUM) –PDF

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It was my first meeting with EPIC and I now understand the value for my and other organizations in being an EPIC member. I was very pleased with the accommodation, attendees, talks, and discussions and found it very informative and fruitful and I will definitely further exchange with some companies on this topic. I am looking forward to upcoming events in the future.

Andreas Zuck
Market Development Manager at Coherent

“It’s great to see how innovative and effective EPIC has been in rising to the challenge of COVID-19. I’m proud to be a member of EPIC!”

Roy McBride
Managing Director at Power Photonic
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