Exploring the Future of Photonics for Defense: Insights from EPIC Meeting in Poland

September 8, 2023 - Jeremy Picot-Clemente, Elisenda Lara

This week we have celebrated the EPIC Meeting on Photonics for Defense in Poland were we discussed on how Photonics is revolutionizing the defense industry.

This week, we embarked on an incredible journey at the EPIC Meeting on Photonics for Defense in Poland, taking us from the enchanting cities of Starachowice to Kielce, where we could visit the MSPO exhibition. Check all the pictures of the event here.

Company visit at VIGO Photonics

Our discussions centered on the transformative power of Photonics in revolutionizing the defense industry. Here are some key takeaways from this illuminating 2-day event:

Sensors and Imaging Technologies: High-resolution imaging sensors with enhanced low-light capabilities are becoming indispensable for critical operations like surveillance, reconnaissance, and search-and-rescue missions. These sensors empower us to identify and track targets swiftly, facilitating real-time, informed decision-making. The spotlight was also on event sensors for defense applications, including the groundbreaking neuromorphic sensors. Unlike conventional sensors, these activate only when changes occur in the scene, resulting in faster response times and reduced energy consumption. They are proving invaluable for real-time threat detection and enhancing situational awareness in dynamic defense environments.

Katarzyna Lawniczuk, from Bright Photonics, during her presentation about PICS for defense.

Laser Technologies: The discussions around laser technologies left us truly captivated. Directed-energy weapons (DEWs) employing advanced solid-state lasers are no longer just a concept—they’re becoming a reality. DEWs offer the twin advantages of precision targeting with minimal collateral damage and cost-effectiveness in terms of “cost-per-shot.”

Secure Optical Communication: The importance of secure communications took center stage at this meeting. As cyber threats grow more complex, traditional encryption techniques fall short. Secure optical communication channels emerged as the preferred choice for defense applications, offering an enhanced level of security.

In an interconnected world fraught with evolving security challenges, photonics-based technologies are redefining the effectiveness and operational capabilities of defense.

Jeremy Picot-Clemente curated the agenda and moderated the event.

Discussions fostered by EPIC events play a pivotal role in driving collaborative and interdisciplinary work. This collaboration is essential for harnessing these innovations to significantly enhance global defense capabilities—especially here in Europe, where cooperation and collaboration are at the heart of our mission.