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Global Commercial Drones


Executive summary

  • Global commercial drones market is expected to reach $25880.32 million by 2024
  • Growth momentum is expected to accelerate (Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for 2019-2024 is 36.38%)
  • North America comprised 41.34% of the overall market share in 2019
  • 42.32% of the incremental growth will originate from North America
  • Software accounted for 53.45% of the market share in 2019
  • Infrastructure accounted for 24.45% of the market share in 2019

Reporting metrics

  • Market share of key countries in 2019
  • The structure of the market in focus
  • Factors that are driving demand
  • Challenges that affect the market dynamics
  • Key trends that are impacting the market
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