12 June 2023 / 15:00 - 17:00 CEST
EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Agriculture
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Agriphotonics promise the realisation of innovative eco-friendly agricultural practises that will meet the UN sustainability goals for feeding the globe. Laser based weeders are now planned to be installed in heavy machinery, drones and hand used devises. That technology combined with machine vision and hyperspectral cameras can help reducing the use of toxic pesticides in the open fields and green houses. At this meeting all main player in the photonic value chain will gather to discuss the current challenges and seek for solutions.


15:00 – 15:10 Opening by Jeremy Picot-Clemente, Photonics Technology Manager at EPIC
15:10 – 15:25 DigiFoodsSmart Spectroscopic Sensors Contribute to an Efficient and Sustainable Food Industry – Jens Petter Wold, Senior Research Scientist
15:25 – 15:40 spectrolyticMid infrared Sensor Platform for Agriculture Application – Carsten Giebeler, Managing Director
15:40 – 15:55 IMEC Applications in Agriculture Enabled by Photonics – Marcel Zevenbergen, Program Manager
15:55 – 16:10 CSEM – Pedram Pad, Expert Data Scientist
16:10 – 16:25 PiseoOptical Design and System Performance Characterization for Agriculture – Tristan Athanaze, Technical Sales Engineer
16:25 – 16:40 HAIP SolutionsHyperspectral Imaging Technology in AgriFood Applications – Tobias Kreklow, Co-founder and CEO
16:40 – 16:55 Seoul SemiconductorInfluence of the LED Technology in Agriculture Development – Marc Juarez, Innovation Director 
16:55 – 17:00 Closing by Jeremy Picot-Clemente, Photonics Technology Manager at EPIC


Dr. Jens Petter Wold is a senior research scientist at Nofima AS and is a specialist in rapid and non-destructive quality assessment of foods by spectroscopic methods. He is leading the research centre DigiFoods

Senior Research Scientist at DigiFoods
Managing Director at spectrolytic
Program Manager at IMEC
Expert Data Scientist at CSEM

Technical-Commercial Engineer at PISEO Since 2022.
Coming from technical study, engineer specialized in photonics and optronic systems at University Paris-Saclay, I turned to a technical sales career to allow me to take part in many technical and varied subjects while having contact with many actors. of innovation.
I like technical challenges, meeting the specific needs of my clients to help them progress in their projects.
After a first experience in the field at Trioptics France as a specialist in optical metrology products for vision systems, nanometric displacement stages and spectral characterization devices, I turned to a service company.
Now at Piséo, a photonics innovation platform, I am in charge of the company's business development.
Whether for the laboratory or consulting / engineering part, I take part in many projects with actors from automotive area, defense, medical, general lighting and any actor using photonics.

Technical Sales Engineer at Piseo

Tobias Kreklow is the Co-Founder & CEO of the company HAIP Solutions GmbH from Hannover, Germany, which was founded in 2019. Before he studied Physical Geography & Landscape Ecology, which gave him the perfect understanding on how to connect people from the environmental sector with hyperspectral imaging technology.

Co-founder and CEO at HAIP Solutions

Creative person, energetic, entrepreneur and Agtech fan. I have experience in construction, solar energy and the semiconductor industry for more than 15 years developing and implementing complex projects at global scale with international teams. I’m working in Seoul Semiconductor ( Number 3 LED maker in the World) for more than 8 years and I’ve been focused in LEDs for horticulture for the last 3 years.

Innovation Director at Seoul Semiconductor
Antonio Castelo, PhD
Antonio Castelo, PhD
Technology Expert for Bio-Medical and Lasers
Event Manager
Logistics, venue, accommodation, and transportation
Neringa Noreikiene
Neringa Noreikiene
Events Manager
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