The Global Semiconductor Monthly Report, December 2023


A C-Suite favourite, the Global Semiconductor Monthly Report provides monthly analysis and commentary on the global semiconductor industry and the future market outlook and forecast.

Total ICs were up 7.5 percent in October vs. the same period last year, with Total Discretes down 4.7 percent and Total Opto down 0.3 percent. The overall year-on-year Total Semiconductor market growth was 5.5 percent.  These numbers reflect the annualised sector growth rates and, while psychologically important, they do not paint a complete picture of the industry’s overall health. Equally, if not more important, are the month-on-month growth rates which are a more reliable indicator of the market growth momentum.  The third leg of the stool is the unit growth rate trends, given industry wafer fabs make, and customers buy, units not dollar bills. No downturn can be deemed over until unit growth has resumed..

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