EPIC Market Report on Spectral Imaging by Tematys, 2022


Spectral imaging technologies are constantly evolving, thanks to their ability to add information obtained through optical spectroscopy techniques to a two-dimensional image of an object. In these systems, each pixel of the sensor stores the dimensional and spectral information of the object under analysis, which allows analyzing its composition, its state of conservation or distinguishing it from other similar objects on a production line.

Sorting was one of the first applications of hyperspectral and multispectral cameras, both in the food industry and in plastic recycling. But little by little it has been making its way into other applications and markets: agri-food, pharmaceutical and medical, art and restoration… In this Market Report we will discover the state of the art of these technologies, the main players and their position in the market as well as the main trends both in terms of technology and applications.

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