27-28 May 2024
EPIC Technology Meeting on Photonics for XR: through emerging technologies and challenges at Microsoft
Espoo, Finland

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This technology meeting will bring together experts, innovators, and enthusiasts in the field of photonics and extended reality (XR) technologies. Photonics plays an indispensable role in shaping the landscape of XR technologies, from enabling immersive experiences to making product lighter and more efficient. This event promises to be an informative and inspiring event that will shed light on the critical role of photonics in advancing XR technologies. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights, connect with industry leaders, and explore the future possibilities of XR on a technology side.

The event is structured into four engaging sessions, each focusing on a specific aspect of photonics in XR: optical design and simulation fundamentals, techniques, and tools for optimizing XR optics; the role of photonics in creating realistic and immersive visual experiences, while exploring the advancements in display technologies; examine and discuss the new challenges for the integration of photonics components into XR systems, including topics like miniaturization, power efficiency and performance optimization. We also will discuss the market adaptation and future trends, to give an overview of potential applications in industries such as healthcare, education, gaming, and more.

As a Technology Meeting, this event is intentionally designed to bring together executives, industry leaders, engineers, researchers, and technical experts, with a primary emphasis on fostering strategic partnerships, collaboration, and knowledge exchange in the realm of photonics and extended reality (XR) technologies. Unlike traditional commercial events, this forum prioritizes high-level discussions and collaborative opportunities.

This meeting will be organized in combination with Optics & Photonics Days (OPD), organized after this meeting (28-30 May), which offers an extra opportunity to meet, exchange knowledge, and network with companies and experts in the field of photonics and optics, but also to explore products and services at OPD Exhibition that is held during the conference (more information at the bottom page).


26 May 2024, Sunday

18:30 – 22:00 Pre–Event Dinner @ Restaurant Fat Lizard Otaniemi (Tietotie 1, 02150 Espoo, Finland)

27 May 2024, Monday

10:00 – 11:30 Company visit Dispelix (the number of participants is limited)
11:30 – 12:00 Drive to the conference venue
12:00 – 13:15 – Registration and lunch @Microsoft

Welcoming words:
KEYNOTE: Microsoft – Birgit Päivänranta, Senior Director, Mixed Reality (Finland)

13:30 – 15:30 SESSION 1: XR Product and System Integration

  • Optofidelity – Thomas Kerst, Chief Metrology Officer (Finland)
  • AddOpticsIntegrated Prescription (Rx) for Waveguide Powered AR Devices – Frank Marsman, Head of Business Development (The Netherlands)
  • MagicLeap – Kristina Uhlendorf, Optical Engineer (Germany)
  • Varjo – Evgeny Shirko, Head of Optics (Finland)
  • Eulitha – Displacement Talbot Lithography: A High-throughput, High-fidelity Optical Lithography Solution for Manufacturing AR Waveguides  – Kelsey Wooley, Director for Marketing and North American Operations (United States)

15:30 – 16:15 Networking coffee break

16:15 – 18:30 SESSION 2: Photonics Components in XR Technology

  • SeeTrue – Roman Bednarik, CEO (Finland)
  • Pixieray – Niko Eiden, CEO (Finland)
  • TriopticsPrescription Lens Measurement (AR/VR) – Philipp Beer, R&D Engineer (Germany)
  • OQmented – Berthold Lange, Chief Business Officer (Germany)
  • Fraunhofer FEP – Uwe Vogel, Head of Division Microdisplays and Sensors (Germany)
  • Porotech – Tongtong Zhu, CEO & Founder (United Kingdom)
  • MerckMaterial Solutions for Advanced XR Applications – Mark Goebel, Technology Fellow (Germany)
  • SCHOTTScaling Reflective Waveguide Production – John Edward Freiermuth, Director of Business Development Augmented Reality (Switzerland)
  • Brilliance RGB – Douwe Geuzebroek, CTO (The Netherlands)

18:30 Departure to the dinner place
18:45 – 22:30 Networking Dinner @ Lucy in the Sky (Keilaniementie 1, 02150 Espoo)

28 May 2024, Tuesday

08:00 Departure from the recommended hotel
08:15 – 08:40 Morning coffee @ Microsoft
08:40 – 08:45 Recap by EPIC

08:45 – 10:30 SESSION 3: Optical design & simulation for XR

  • KEYNOTE: LightTrans – Stefan Steiner, CTO (Germany)
  • Pandao – Oliver Faehnle, Co-Founder (Switzerland)
  • Dispelix – Ismo Vartiainen, CTO (Finland)
  • IMECEmpowering Innovation with Novel Designs and New Materials – Bruno Figeys, Principal Member of Technical Staff (Belgium)
  • Jabil OpticsFrom Design to System Integration and Mass Production – Sven Sassning, Business Development Manager (Germany)

10:30 – 11:15 Networking coffee break

11:15 – 12:45 SESSION 4: Market Requirements & Content Providers in the XR Space

  • KEYNOTE: STMicroelectronics – Bharath Rajagopalan, Director of Strategic Marketing
  • YOLE groupOverview of AR and VR Technology and Market Dynamics – Raphael Mermet-Lyaudoz, Technology and Market Analyst (France)
  • Hensoldt – Tobias Sorg, Innovation Manager (Germany)
  • VTT Quality Tools for Technical Requirement Compliance – Virpi Korpelainen, Senior Scientist (Finland)
  • SightfulXR Glasses Requirements for Productivity Use-cases – Oded Noam, Distinguished Technologist (Israel)

12:45-14:15 Networking Lunch
14:30 Bus transfer to the airport

Optional: 18:30 – 21.00 – Networking reception with OPD participants at Helsinki City Hall

Participation at OPD2024

EPIC members interested in visiting OPD2024 will enjoy the same fee as Regular attendee (Photonics Finland member) thanks to the partnership between both associations. Fees are available here: OPD Registration


Event is hosted by Microsoft Helsinki (address: Keilalahdentie 2-4, 02150 Espoo, Finland)


The recommended hotels are: HANAHOLMEN (address: Hanasaarenranta 5, FI-02100 Espoo) and HEYMO 1 by Sokos Hotels (address: Miestentie 5, 02150 Espoo)
You can also book any other hotel nearby if it is more comfortable for you.

Senior Director, Mixed Reality at Microsoft
Optical Engineer at MagicLeap
R&D Engineer at Trioptics
CEO & Founder at Porotech
Business Development Manager at Jabil Optics

Bruno Figeys is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at imec since 2022, he started his career in phononics with a strong focus on acoustic metamaterials for MEMS devices, later moved towards integrated photonics for beamforming and sensing applications and currently has a strong focus on flat optics.

Principal Member of Technical Staff at IMEC
Co-Founder at Pandao
Chief Metrology Officer at Optofidelity
Head of Optics at Varjo
Innovation Manager at Hensoldt
Head of Division Microdisplays and Sensors at Fraunhofer FEP
Head of Business Development at AddOptics
Director for Marketing and North American Operations at Eulitha
Director of Strategic Marketing at STMicroelectronics
Technology and Market Analyst at YOLE group
Director of Business Development Augmented Reality at SCHOTT
Senior Scientist at VTT
Distinguished Technologist at Sightful
Technology Fellow at Merck
Chief Business Officer at OQmented

More speakers will be announced soon.


More attendees will be announced soon.

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