21 March 2022 / 15:00 - 17:00
EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Single Photon Sources and Detectors
Online Event

The power hidden in one single photon is unprecedented. But we need to find ways to harness that power. This meeting will discuss cutting-edge technologies paving the way for versatile and efficient pure single-photon sources and detection schemes with low dark count rates, high saturation levels, and high detection efficiencies. This meeting will gather the key players in the photonic industry pushing the development of these technologies towards commercializing products that harness the intrinsic properties of photons.

Spirit of the meetings

During these online technology meetings, we are looking for the challenges the industry is facing and bringing together the entire supply chain to address these challenges. Bringing together end-users with component suppliers and system integrators that will answer the EPIC question “What can you do for them and what can they do for you” creates the perfect foundation to establish new business relationships and find ways for new collaborations and partnerships.


Michel Antolović is the CEO of Pi Imaging Technology. He holds a PhD from Delft University of Technology and has 9 years of experience in leading projects developing single photon detector arrays.

Dr. Jessie Qin-Dregely is Chief Operating Officer of Single Quantum, a Dutch company making superconducting nanowire single photon detection systems. Jessie received PhD in Electrical Engineering from Southeast University, Nanjing, China in 2009. She worked as Visiting Scholar at Duke University, North Carolina, USA in 2008 and Carl-Zeiss Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Stuttgart, Germany from 2010 to 2015. Her current areas of expertise are scientific instrumentation, photonics, photon detection, and cryogenics.

Cecilie graduated from the Quantum Photonics group at the Niels Bohr Institute in 2020. She joined Sparrow Quantum as a single-photon source expert, helping the company design and characterize new devices as the company expands.

Photonic characterization physicist at Sparrow Quantum
CEO & Co-Founder at Aegiq

Marie, a graduate in optical engineering, did her PhD at Quandela and in collaboration with Pascale Senellart’s group at C2N. Optical engineer for one year, she is now responsible for the quality, performance and integration of optical systems designed and sold by Quandela.

Quality Perfomance Manager at Quandela

Benjamin Pages (Head of Space Unit for Quantum Technology) Business Developer and Project Manager at AUREA Technology, holds a M.Sc in Theoretical and Applied Optics from the Institute of optics Graduate School of Palaiseau (France). He now leads all the projects related to space-based optical quantum technologies (photon sources & photon detectors)

Sales Manager EMEA at AUREA

Dr. Yoann Jestin, CEO and Co-Founder of Ki3 Photonics Technologies, received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and has been a professional researcher since 2002. He has specialist experience in the realization of systems and devices for telecommunications applications, including special optical fibers and integrated optics.

Bozidar Novakovic is a Senior R&D Engineer in the Ansys Lumerical team in Vancouver, Canada, specializing in the development of simulation products for optoelectronic devices. He obtained his PhD degree in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012.

Senior R&D Engineer at Ansys
Dr. Panagiotis Vergyris
Dr. Panagiotis Vergyris
Photonics Technology Manager
Ivan Nikitski, PhD
Ivan Nikitski, PhD
Technology Manager for Quantum and Integrated Photonics
Event Manager
Logistics, venue, accommodation, and transportation
Helena Jelinkova
Helena Jelinkova
Events Manager
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