28 June 2021 / 15:00 - 17:00
EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Novel Photonic Solutions for Microscopy
Online Event

Ever since its invention in 17th-century microscopy is empowering life-science research and discoveries. In turn, advances in optics and micro-optics, filters, sensors, lasers, photonic integrated circuits, enable new applications for microscopic techniques. In this meeting, we bring together the key companies developing microscopes and photonics components with the end-users to discuss the current technology trends and emerging applications.

Spirit of the meetings

During these online technology meetings, we are looking for the challenges the industry is facing and bringing together the entire supply chain to address these challenges. Bringing together end-users with component suppliers and system integrators that will answer the EPIC question “What can you do for them and what can they do for you” creates the perfect foundation to establish new business relationships and find ways for new collaborations and partnerships.


Lukas Krainer is the founder and CEO of Prospective Instruments since January 1, 2019. From 2017 to 2018, he was Project Manager post merger & acquisition at NKT Photonics. From 2005 to 2017, Lukas was the CEO of Onefive & A.L.S (sold to NKT).

CEO at Prospective Instruments

Developing innovative optical sensors with cutting-edge photonic technologies, integrated into industrial systems for semiconductor metrology.

Optical System Architect at UnitySC

Current Head of Microscopy, Ph.D. in biophysics, holder of a patent, published more than 20 papers, has worked as a group leader and industry consultant. I have a strong interest in technology development.

Co-founder of Genoa Instruments. Developing optical and analytical tools allow biologists to peer inside living-cell with the unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution, minimal invasivity, and augmented information content.

Principal Investigator at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Markus Riedi is the CEO and Creative Director at Opto. He always keeps an eye on the latest developments to integrate them into new Imaging Modules “Reduced to your needs”. His motto is “Do it 100% or don`t do it”.

CEO at Opto
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Dr. Jose Pozo
Dr. Jose Pozo
Director of Technology and Innovation
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