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6 December 2021 / 15:00 - 17:00
EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Medical Devices
Online Event

As more knowledge about the light properties and how to manipulate it is acquired, new solutions revolutionizing healthcare are developed. Today, photonics is yet again the key enabling technology for more precise and less invasive diagnostics and clinical procedures. However, the diversity of the technologies and ecosystem still retain the challenge for the development of medical devices and their integration in the clinical practice. At this meeting we bring together the whole supply chain for an open discussion on how to endorse photonics-based medical devices.

Spirit of the meetings

During these online technology meetings, we are looking for the challenges the industry is facing and bringing together the entire supply chain to address these challenges. Bringing together end-users with component suppliers and system integrators that will answer the EPIC question “What can you do for them and what can they do for you” creates the perfect foundation to establish new business relationships and find ways for new collaborations and partnerships.

Chief Scientist at AccuVein
Chairman at IQ Endoscopes
David McGovern
Representative at MedPhab
Medical Advisor at Bioptron
Dr. Jose Pozo
Dr. Jose Pozo
Director of Technology and Innovation
Elena Beletkaia, PhD
Elena Beletkaia, PhD
Technology Specialist
Event Manager
Logistics, venue, accommodation, and transportation
Neringa Noreikiene
Neringa Noreikiene
Events Manager
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