14 March 2022 / 15:00 - 17:00
EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Agri-Photonics
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While COP26 Glasgow discussed the global climate changes, the photonics technologies keep gaining momentum in enabling more sustainable agriculture and environment friendly methods of farming. Innovations in vertical farming and green houses, water and soil monitoring, harvesting and storage are key for healthy food production and reduction of waste. At this meeting all main player of the agri-food sector will join the photonic value chain to discuss the current challenges and seek for solutions.

Spirit of the meetings

During these online technology meetings, we are looking for the challenges the industry is facing and bringing together the entire supply chain to address these challenges. Bringing together end-users with component suppliers and system integrators that will answer the EPIC question “What can you do for them and what can they do for you” creates the perfect foundation to establish new business relationships and find ways for new collaborations and partnerships.


After her studies in Automation, Economics and Product Development, Christine Marie von der Ohe started her professional career in the predevelopment department for process technology at Festo. 7 years later she came back from the future to learn more about every day problems in the industry by changing into sales department and dived into technical projects with Festo customers. Since May 2021, Christine Marie is responsible for the business development of Agricultural Automation within Festo, coordinating the peer group AgTech inside her company and creating a professional network in the international AgTech ecosystem.

Global Peergroup Manager AgTech at FESTO

Alessandro Antona graduated in Biosystems Engineering at Wageningen University in 2016.
With a passion for nature and technology, has devoted his studies and career to developing innovative data-driven applications in several bio-based contexts, ranging from agriculture to fisheries and dairy.
In 2022, he joins Agricola Moderna as Head of Data.

Dr Guy Serbin is the CEO of EOanalytics Limited, an Irish Earth Observation. He has BSc and MSc degrees in Geology and a PhD in Soil Physics. He specializes in remote sensing of senescent vegetation, crop growth, and land cover/ land use change. He is also leading the AgSat project, an EO satellite constellation concept that will deliver better agri-environmental intelligence faster.

Dr. Marcel Zevenbergen obtained his MSc from Delft University of Technology in 2005 and a PhD from the same university in 2009. Afterwards, he joined imec the Netherlands where he developed novel sensor platforms for various applications, in close collaboration with industrial partners. Current position is program manager both at imec and OnePlanet leading the advanced sensor development for various applications ranging from precision agriculture and food production, water quality and bioreactor monitoring.

Program Manager at OnePlanet

Merve Wollweber holds a PhD in physics and led a research group on application of spectroscopy in the life sciences at Leibniz University of Hannover until 2018. Moving from biomedical research to agrifood applications, she took the lead at the Food &Farming Group in 2019. Here, she promotes research and development of optical and laser technologies from farm to fork. Current topics range from laser weeding and treatment of herbivorous to minimizing microbial load on foodstuffs.

Head of Food and Farming Group at LZH

Ulrich is Optronia's CTO and co-founder. His main objective is to empower engineering teams to build solutions that emphasize quality, simplicity, and reliability.
He holds a PhD in Medical Device Engineering from the Technical University of Munich. With over 20 years of industry experience, he has a broad background in leading deep-tech projects in the field of optical sensors, lasers and imaging systems.
Before starting his own business, Ulrich served in the senior management of renowned companies like Carl Zeiss, Swarovski and ASML.

CTO/COO & Co-founder at OPTRONIA

Trained as an engineer in micro and nanotechnologies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, I’m now a senior system architect in the Edge AI and Vision group at CSEM, in Switzerland. For the last 4 years at this company, I have worked on: AI-based real-time quality control inspection, multispectral device development for skin diseases detection, ultra-low power autonomous camera for AI task applications, etc. Outside work, I enjoy spending time with my two little daughters and play alp horn when time permits.

Senior R&D Engineer at CSEM

Thierry Berthou is Sales Manager of SILIOS Technologies. He is an engineer in physics with
a specialisation in photonics from the Ecole Centrale Marseille. Within SILIOS Technologies,
he is in charge of sales and business development for the Diffractive optics and Multispectral
Imaging, the 2 micro-optics technologies and products of the company since 2005. Previously
he’s been involved in a wide spectrum of domains such as optical instrumentation, smart cards
industry, microelectronics, telecommunications and electronic warfare for 15 years.

Directeur Commercial at SILIOS TECHNOLOGIES

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla
For me this is what photonics is all about.
My goal is to solve industrial challenges by deploying the latest optical technologies. As the business development manager of MantiSpectra, I come across new applications every day, translating our customers' problems into solutions that are based on photonic chips. Charged by creative energy, and leveraging on the experience accumulated within the high-tech community in the Brainport Metropolitan Area and European photonic space, I'm ready to support your innovations and spectral journey.

Business Development Manager at MantiSpectra
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