22 May 2023 / 15:00 - 17:00 CEST
EPIC Online Marketing Meeting on Press Content for Photonics
Online Event

Writing a press release about your latest company achievement or product can be challenging, especially when targeting media outlets specialized in photonics. When writing about new product releases, it can be difficult to know what to focus on when you only have a list of technical features prepared by your engineers. Should you highlight the technical improvements or the impact on applications? Additionally, crafting an attention-grabbing headline that accurately reflects your main message can be tricky. While pictures are helpful, what else can make the press release more appealing to editors?
After writing the press release, the next step is to disseminate it through both generic publications and specialized media outlets in the photonics sector. It may be challenging to determine where to begin or find a list of local magazines that are relevant to the topic. One possible option is to use press release distributors, although they can be expensive and there is no assurance that the media will publish the article.

In this meeting, we’ll provide you with an overview of how to prepare effective press material for the photonics industry. We’ll cover key elements such as content structure, key messaging, and avoiding jargon. This is a great opportunity to engage with other marketers in the photonics community and build a strong network. The meeting is part of a new series of training sessions on marketing in photonics. Our first session focused on SEO, and you can find the full agenda here.

Target group of only EPIC members: Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Marketing Engineers, Tech Copywriters.

The video of the session is available for EPIC members on the Extranet.


15:00 – 15:05 – Introduction to the speakers

15:05 – 15:45    Training Session led by  The Right Street 

How to identify a clear and compelling angle for your story

  • Finding the angle that sells
  • Types of content worth publishing

How to write a press release

  • The principle
  • The structure
  • Types of content
  • How to send a press release
  • Media contacts

The specific case of technology companies and photonics companies in particular

  • nice challenges
  • niche advantages
  • example

Strategic approach to Media Outlets

  • Mainstream media challenges
  • Niche media advantages
  • Building and utilising the connections

Social PR as an alternative to PR

  • The advantage of Social Medai and ads approach (LinkedIn, Twiter, Google, other)
  • Informing the right people (target audiences)
  • Remarketing and getting the message across
  • Sales through Social PR

15:45 – 16:00     Q&A

16:00 – 16:30    Round Table with Photonics Magazines

Photonics Spectra – Daniel McCarthy, Senior Editor
Europa Science (Electro Optics) – Mark Elliot, Head of Content
Wiley (Photonics Views) – Oliver Dreissigacker, Editor in Chief

16:30 – 16:55     Q&A


Goran is a digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) expert. He leads our work on PPC advertising (Google and social media) and SEO. Google certified, he comes from a media background, having spent a decade in TV journalism. He is a writer, SEO copywriter, content creator and award-winning author. He holds a PhD in Law and is a member of Mensa.

Head of Digital Marketing at The Right Street 

Filip has over 15 years of experience in business development within the Brussels’ public affairs arena. Before co-founding The Right Street he helped DeHavilland, the London-based political intelligence provider, grow the EU arm of their business, and led commercial efforts for EUobserver, the leading online newspaper for EU politics. Filip holds an MBA degree and has studied and worked in Croatia, Russia, United States and Belgium. He continues to play and coach water polo, winning the Belgian Cup in 2018.

Managing Director, Co-founder at The Right Street 

Mark is the Head of Content at Europa Science, publisher of Electro Optics, Imaging & Machine Vision Europe, Laser Systems Europe and Fibre Systems, amongst others. Mark has been at Europa Science just under a year and brings a wealth of editorial and consumer and B2B publishing experience from a 35-year career that has seen him lead brands such as Time Out London. He heads up a team of specialist journalists at Europa Science working on an increasingly digital-first strategy designed to build an even greater impact with the global photonics market.

Head of Content, Publisher at Europa Science (Electro Optics)
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