Status of the Camera Module Industry – Focus on Wafer Level Optics Briefing



  1. Provide market data on key CCM metrics and dynamics
    • CCM revenue forecast, volume shipments, and component share
    • Market share,with detailed breakdown by player
    • Application focus on key growth areas for CCM: illumination and wafer-level optics
  1. Deliver an in-depth understanding of the CCM value chain, infrastructure,and players
    •  Who are the CCM players (CIS manufacturers, CCM manufacturers, optics manufacturers, etc.), and how they’re related
    • Who Are The Key Suppliers To Watch-and more generally, how will the camera module industry evolve?
  1. Present key technical insight and analysis regarding future technology trends and challenges
    • Manufacturing Technologies: design structure
    • Device Technologies: CCM applications across markets
    • Technology focus on game-changing areas like OI Sanddual cameras
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