EPIC Market Report: Optical Beam Steering by Dr. Nikolaus Schmitt, 2022


Optical beam steering has emerged as one of the most critical enabling technologies for a wide variety of applications.  From LiDAR to 5G and satellite communications, robotics and laser material processing, defence and medical imaging and treatments, beam steering can dynamically focus and steer an optical beam either by sweeping or tracking and pinpointing an area of interest.  Too, Optical Beam Steering provides lower power utilisation, higher accuracy, faster response, and a smaller footprint compared to traditional semiconductor steering solutions.

EPIC is extremely pleased to provide the latest specially curated EPIC report on Optical Beam Steering, authored by Dr. Nikolaus Schmitt.  This 250+ page report covers a wide variety of beam steering techniques and covers new and old optical beam steering approaches – as well as trends and a special section on using photonics to steer microwave beams.  Additionally, this interesting report will be a useful reference in considering innovative hybrid methods and design.

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