11 March 2021 / 15:00 - 18:00
Presentation of EPIC Market Report on 5G X-Haul Photonics
Online Event


Presentation of 130 slides on 5G X-Haul Photonics Market Report, authored by independent consulting company, fibeReality, LLC, based on intensive intelligence gathering, provides a worldwide perspective of the present and future space. The report is available to all employees of EPIC member companies on the extranet.

This report will be of particular interest for photonics’ companies strategic decisions towards new developments on specialty fibers and PICs (from design, through to manufacturing, packaging and testing), as well as those involved in 5G optical network architecture.

Photonic Integrated Circuits and novel fibre optics network architectures are essential technologies to meet current and future demands of 5G networks. There are huge demands ahead: ultra-fast bandwidth, up to 90% reduction in power consumption, as well as near zero-latency. There are still doubts as whether market-uptake of photonics will be fast enough to meet industry projections for cost and reliability. We believe the answers will lie in standardization as well as making clever use of pilot lines for low and medium volume manufacturing. Success will require many joint efforts. I am positive that this report sheds some useful light on where we are today. It is important input so we can actively collaborate towards our preferred future.

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