25 March 2020 / 16:00
EPIC Webinar on Towards a prototype of an anti-virus UVC-LED-based respiratory mask
Online Event


Concerning the current worldwide health emergency, EPIC is committed in highlighting and promoting what photonics can do to support humanity in finding tools to face and defeat the virus COVID-19 and similar future threats to the community. The purpose of this webinar is to present an innovative respiratory mask, having the exhaust equipped with a UVC LED string, in order to expose the airflow in both directions to the suitable amount of light to be deadly for the virus. The idea will be presented in detail by the members of EPIC and partners of the EU-funded pilot line MedPhab*  discussing its realisation and how to bring it to market.

* This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871345.

Founder at Duma Optronics (ISRAEL)
Jussi Hiltunen
Research Professor at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Fluidics Strategy Capability Lead at Jabil (AUSTRIA)
Managing Director at Screentec (FINLAND)
Dr. Francesca Moglia
Dr. Francesca Moglia
Photonics Technologies Program Manager
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