9 December 2020 / 10:00 - 12:00
EPIC Online TechWatch at ECOC Exhibition
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EPIC invites you to a two-hour trip through the whole photonics supply chain of Optical Communications. This includes component design, fabrication, packaging and test, and their deployment in current and future optical networks. This event will be EPIC style, with the energy of Jose Pozo as moderator and with the purpose of all participants, not only speakers, to answer the so called EPIC question: what can you do for the others/what can the others do for you?

  • Introduction by Jose Pozo, CTO at EPIC

  • Co-packaged optics pipe dream
    Mark Lutkowitz, Principal at fibeReality

  • Pilot-scale photonic integrated circuit packaging through PIXAPP
    Padraic Morrissey, PIXAPP Technology Manager at Tyndall National Institute

  • The JePPIX photonic integrated circuit manufacturing platform
    Kevin Williams, Professor and Chair of the Photonic Integration research group at TUE

  • Photonics, a key technology for sensing, communicating and beyond
    Eric Mounier, Director of Market Research – Fellow at Yole Développement

  • Low-cost packaging for high performance multi-lambda T/ROSAs
    Sven Kruger, VP Product Management & Sales at HUBER + SUHNER Cube Optics

  • Micro-optics for compact transceiver solutions
    Wilfried Noell, Director R&D at SUSS MicroOptics

  • What we can do more than microlenses?
    Myun-Sik Kim, Product Manager Micro-Optics at Axetris

  • H2020 PASSION project technological solutions enabling multi-Tb/s transmission
    Pierpaolo Boffi, Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano

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