9 December 2024 / 15:00 - 17:00 CET
EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Micro LED for Next-Gen Displays
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Micro LED and display technologies are at the forefront of innovation, reshaping visual experiences and technological possibilities. These technologies are redefining the boundaries of display capabilities and device miniaturization.
In this meeting, we’ll delve into the world of Micro LED and display technologies, focusing on their advancements and potential applications. From Micro LED design and fabrication to the integration of these displays into various devices, we’ll explore the latest developments and challenges in this dynamic field. Join us as we gather industry experts, researchers, and innovators to discuss the cutting-edge uses of Micro LED and display technologies. We’ll dive into topics such as improved brightness, energy efficiency, and the potential for flexible and transparent displays.
Together, we’ll explore how these technologies are reshaping our understanding of visual display technologies, driving innovation, and paving the way for next-generation devices.

Jeremy Picot-Clemente, PhD
Jeremy Picot-Clemente, PhD
Technology Manager for Optics and Green Photonics
Event Manager
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Justine Massip
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