8 December 2020 / 16:00 - 17:00
EPIC Members New Product Release December 2020

The EPIC Members New Product Release will be a combination of an online meeting with qualified attendees, and a live launch on YouTube for everyone to see. Several companies will release their latest products and will have the opportunity to engage with potential partners, clients, and the complete EPIC network!

Do you have a new product release coming up soon? Would you like to partner with EPIC for the announcement and promotion? Please contact us at info@epic-photonics.com 

  • Short pulsed high peak power 905nm laser transmitter for beam-steering LiDAR system

    Zhe He, Project Manager at Focuslight

  • Beam splitter DOE for laser surface structuring

    Natan Kaplan, CTO at Holo/Or

  • QuiX 12-mode quantum photonic processor

    Jelmer Renema, CTO at QuiX

  • New software version for photonics and optoelectronics design

    Chris Maloney, Director of Business Development at VPIphotonics

  • TOPTICA’s DLC TOPO, the hands-free CW OPO

    Adam Heiniger, Product Manager & Ultrafast Applications Scientist at TOPTICA

  • Software makes the difference! Open access development framework for R&D and production machines

    Tobias Müller, CTO at Aixemtec

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