20-23 February 2024
EPIC Members Delegation to Abu Dhabi, UAE
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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In this edition, the discussions will be centered around Free Space Optical (FSO) Beam Propagation Technologies and Applications. The scope of these discussions is broad and may encompass, but are not limited to, Free-Space optical communication, High-Power Beam propagation, Suitable High-Power Laser sources, Remote sensing, On-chip devices for FSO, Turbulence mitigation, Beam combining techniques, High-Speed Light Processing, Advanced Optical modulation, and Rain enhancement technologies.

DERC will welcome EPIC members to visit their laboratories, conduct presentations about their products and services, listen to their requirements, and explore further collaboration opportunities with TII.

Participation in this delegation is exclusive and limited to 20-25 executive level EPIC Members and subject to acceptance after reception of interest in participation or registration.

All interested EPIC members should contact Lidia Briquets for more information and/or before the registration via email Lidia.briquets@epic-photonics.com

Read the full article published in Electro Optics after the Delegation Trip


Tuesday 20th February

  • Pre-delegation lunch and networking (optional)
  • Afternoon: visit Directed Energy Research Center (DERC), presentations and networking
  • EPIC members’ networking dinner

 Wednesday 21st February

  • Technical sessions: companies’ presentations, technical and business discussions
  • Lunch
  • Visit to Quantum Research Center (QRC), Technology Innovation Institute (TII)
  • EPIC members’ networking dinner

 Thursday 22nd February

  • Technical sessions and companies’ presentations, technical and business discussions
  • Lunch
  • Technical sessions and companies’ presentations, technical and business discussions
  • Gala networking dinner and end of the delegation

To schedule a short conference call with Lidia Briquets: https//calendly.com/lidia-briquets-epic


The WB Abu Dhabi, Curio Collection by Hilton – PO Box 144238, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Hotel & Transportation

Recommended Hotel: The WB Abu Dhabi, Curio Collection by Hilton or hotels in Yas Bay – Yas Island, close to the recommended hotel.

This hotel is the meeting point for the bus pick-ups from/to all visits we are organizing during the delegation.

Transportation: EPIC covers the transportation by bus transfer in all trips from/to the venue and facilities we will visit, in the indicated schedule. All other transportation should be covered and organized by delegates.

Flights, hotel and transportation from/to airport are not included.

About our hosts

The Directed Energy Research Center (DERC) leads the advancement of directed energy systems and technologies in the region. With a community of award-winning and internationally acclaimed scientists, engineers, and global partners, we protect the world around us in areas as diverse as medicine and infrastructure protection.

DERC is part of the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a global scientific research center attracting the world’s foremost scientists and researchers. TII leads worldwide advances in artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics, quantum computing, cryptography and quantum communications, directed energy, secure communication, smart devices, advanced materials, and propulsion and space technologies, and biotechnology fields.

Technology Innovation Institute (TII) is the applied research pillar of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC). TII is a pioneering global research and development hub that focuses on solving tomorrow’s challenges, today. It has ten dedicated research centers in advanced materials, AI and digital science, autonomous robotics, biotechnology, cryptography, directed energy, propulsion and space, quantum, renewable and sustainable energy, and secure systems. TII is leading the efforts to shape research in photonics towards transformative technology outcomes in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. By working with exceptional talent, universities, research institutions, and industry partners from around the world, TII connects an intellectual community and contributes to building an R&D ecosystem that reinforces the status of Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a global hub for innovation.

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