30 September 2022 / 13:00 - 15:00
EPIC Online Meeting on Supply Chain
Online Event

Several companies are affected by supply chain issues and the ripple effect of global bottlenecks, and we need to face navigating in a climate of persistent unpredictability. Let’s discuss what are the most critical issues, if there are common issues, and if there is something that we can do collectively, or help each other among the 800 members rich network. The meeting is restricted to members of EPIC and held under Chatham House Rule. The meeting will not be recorded, but follow-up meetings and possibly distinct working groups will be created. Attendees need to access ZOOM on their computer and activate the camera, and access Slido for the polling.

Registration for the event is closed, but if you still like to attend, please send email to neringa.norbutaite@epic-photonics.com and we will send you the zoom link to connect (EPIC members only). 

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