9 February 2024 / 09:00 - 10:00 CET
EPIC International Delegations 2024
Online Event

EPIC promotes the sustainable development of photonics organizations. We support EPIC members grow business opportunities and create technology partnerships. Hence, as part of EPIC’s membership services, we help EPIC members access international markets by organizing international delegation trips. These EPIC International Delegations are organized by having members attend an exhibition, have networking lunches and dinners with local distributors and company leaders. During these delegation trips, EPIC organizes group company/factory visits. We also provide delegation members a list of companies that we are well-connected with to which our members can organize future individual company visits. Through these industry focused international delegations, EPIC supports its members connect and engage with key regional players and stakeholders, learn from them, and reach a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges in accessing those specific local markets.

Following the voting on what markets you would like to explore in priority in 2024, EPIC has planned a limited number of international delegation trips. We really need to know in advance who is considering joining because the first question we get when trying to schedule company/factory visits is “Who is coming?”.



INFORMATION SESSION – we will briefly review the planned delegation trips, and have a discussion on “How to do business in Japan” with 2 invited speakers.

9 February at 9:00-10:00 CET (Central European Timezone) online meeting

  • Speaker 1: Yutaka Awakura, Spreadwings Co., Ltd.
  • Speaker 2: Masa Fukushima, KLV Co., Ltd. (distributor https://www.klv.co.jp)





More attendees will be announced soon.

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